CDHTI Real Estate Co., Ltd.

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    CDHTI Real Estate Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CDHTI Real Estate Company) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chengdu Hi-tech Investment Group Co., Ltd., a large solely state-owned enterprise under the control of Chengdu Hi-Tech Development Zone Management Committee. CDHTI Real Estate Company was established in January 2002. The registered capital is RMB 750,000,000 Yuan, and the total assets are about RMB 7,740,000,000 Yuan. The business scope involves in real estate development and operation, engineering construction management, property management, etc., with the Qualification Certificate of Class I of real estate development enterprise. Its subsidiary, CDHTI Long Island Real Estate Co., Ltd., is responsible for the development and construction as well as operations management of the Tianfu Long Island Project.

    CDHTI Real Estate Company is committed to the development and construction of industrial park and commercial residential project. With fast development over 13 years, the accumulated development area is about 6,780,000 m2, the completed area is about 5,790,000 m2, and the fixed assets investment is about RMB 15,400,000,000 Yuan.

    Tianfu Software Park Zone A, B, C, D, E, G and Tianfu Life Science Park of the industrial park projects, Hi-Tech International Plaza, Dayuan International Center, Tianfu International Community, Tiexiang Temple of Water Street, ICON Yingjun, ICON Shangjun, Tianyuefu, etc. of commercial residential projects have been completed; the industrial parks under construction are Tianfu Software Park Zone F, New Generation Information Technology Incubation Park, Biomedical Innovation Incubation Park; the commercial residential project under construction is ICON Cloud. In 2015, the newly-added government investment planned to construct such key projects as Cultural Center in the Hi-Tech Development Zone, Sports Center and Public Auxiliary Projects in three communities such as Xiaojiahe, the New North Area and the New South Community.

    CDHTI Real Estate Company has successively obtained over 100 awards such as the Silver Medal of National Quality Project Award, the Golden Medal of National Architecture Decoration Award, the National Best Creative Industrial Park, the Demonstration Industrial Zone of National Property Management and the Excellent Demonstration Building of National Property Management.


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