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Start a new mode of financing for enterprises at industrial parks The “Park Business Loan” Program of Sichuan officially kicked off Organic combination of the Winpower with industrial parks in the province

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    On 30 Oct 2015, the start ceremony of the “Park Business Loan" Program for industrial parks in Sichuan was held at the office building of the Sichuan Provincial Economy and Information Committee, at which Chen Xinyou, Party Secretary and Director of the Committee, Zhu Huayong, Vice Chief of Provincial Department of Finance and Party Committee Member, and some others attended the ceremony and gave speeches. The ceremony was presided over by Fang Cunhao, Vice Director of and Party Committee Member of the Sichuan Provincial Economy and Information Committee. The ceremony participants include the managers of the Sichuan Provincial Economy and Information Committee and the Sichuan Provincial Department of Finance, responsible persons of Economy and Information Committees and Financial Bureaus of the 21 cities or prefectures in the provinces, the managers of the 23 pilot parks in Sichuan, responsible persons of the CCB Sichuan Branch and Postal Savings Bank of China (Sichuan) Provincial Branches and Secondary Branches and principals and managers of some settled enterprises at the parks, over 100 in number in total. The “Park Business Loan" Program is a pilot project launched by the Sichuan Provincial Economy and Information Committee and the Provincial Department of Finance for the purpose of promoting enterprise financing and crediting among industrial park enterprises. It is an embodiment of the implementation of the CPC Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and People’s Government’s Opinions on Promoting Party Activities at Industrial Parks for the Rapid and Rational Development of Industrial Parks and the other “1+3” documents, a realization of the transformation of supporting industrial development and a new usage of financial funds. The formal launching of the program is a symbol of the development of the winpower pattern and is an innovation and exploration of the pattern among industrial parks in the province.

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