History of Development

On October 9, 1996, the Administration Committee of Chengdu Hi-tech Zone approved the incorporation of Chengdu Hi-tech Zone Investment Co., Ltd. (the predecessor of Chengdu Hi-tech Investment Group Co., Ltd.), a wholly state-owned limited liability company under the CGGH (1996) No. 31. The registered capital of the Company was RMB 50,000,000, and was authorized to engage in construction, science & technology, trade and economic development, investment and project management and consulting services.


In January 1997, Hi-tech Zone Shiyang Middle School Renovation and Expansion Project commenced, which opened the prelude to the CDHTI Group’s large-scale investment and construction in Chengdu Hi-tech Zone. In December of the same year, the Group was authorized by the Administration Committee of Chengdu Hi-tech Zone to engage in operation and development of state assets, property right management and associated consultation services, so as to have the Group give full play as a platform of market-oriented operation, keeping and increasing the value of state assets.


In July 1998, the CDHTI Group funded to establish Chengdu Modern Sports Park Management Co., Ltd., to build the “Hi-tech Tennis Center”, which had an environment up to the standard to undertake international tennis tournaments, and the first-class hardware facility in China.


In August 1999, according to the decision of the Party Working Committee and the Administration Committee of Chengdu Hi-tech Zone on adjusting and expanding the function configuration of the CDHTI Group, the primary functions of the Group were adjusted to undertake the infrastructure construction in Chengdu Hi-tech Zone, to assist implementation of land requisition in Chengdu Hi-tech Zone, and to enhance the financial and investment functions of the Group, as so to be an important carrier of the Administration Committee of Chengdu Hi-tech Zone to support hi-tech industries and attract foreign businesses and investment.


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